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Welcome to our website dedicated to the breed of Russkiy Toy.

Russkiy Toy is a small, mobile, fun-loving,tender and friendly dog, which has a cheerfull character and is extremely cute. Because of their small size, their simplicity and easy-care, you can take them everywhere. There will be enough space in any handbag for such a small dog. They are ideal for the singles and married people, as well.

It has been well said that Russkiy Toy is a dog with the soul component. Its owners are convinced that the russian toy is the most remarkable breed of the world. Even though Russian Toy is still a new breed, it has fans in many countries worldwide.

Here, we present our Russkiy Toys and our kennel.

Our kennel "WIKI TOY" is registered in the FCI and the VDH VK. systems. Our dogs live with us as family members, we commit to them most all our spare time and enjoy going to the shows with them. With what result? You can find all this information on our website, as well as numerous photos, videos and news. We hope you will enjoy browsing


January 2013 - wir are on the front page

At the magazin "DOGStoday" HUNDE TREND MAGAZIN edition 01/2013, which is specialized on small breed, you not only find a discription of the breed "Russian Toy", but at the front page and on the pages 20/21 there is a foto of our female Stempfort Almaznaya Skazka.

We have puppies!

Our female STEMPFORT SOPHIA LOREN became mother on 31.10.2012 . There are 4 puppies (2 females and 2 males). The proud father is STEMPFORT SHARMANT.

for more information please visit the Puppies page on our site>>>